REJUVERA Keratin Mega Bond [Damaged Hair Repairing System]

REJUVERA Keratin Mega Bond [Damaged Hair Repairing System]

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Product Description

Rejuvera Keratin Mega Bond Hair Protein Care (Made in Korea)


Caring for broken and cracked hair

Now, get a treatment with protein care.


Silky and resilient hair in spite of repeated perms!

Feel the thrilling change with Rejuvera! 


A Hair clinic nourishing beautiful hair, by providing resilience and nutrients into limp and damaged hair


Split ends, thin, and weak hair

Now you can stop worrying! 


Mega ton level protein providing, Strong protein coating! 


Rejuvera Keratin Mega Bond 25ml

(Protein care for extensive damage)


A surprising change only with one time use

Speedy change with keratin protein


Keratin Mega Bond protein continuously covers hair fully


By making Low polypeptide protein and High polymer collagen absorbed quickly into the damaged hair, they are penetrated into the inside of hair.


Keratin Mega Bond Protein Care provides Low polypeptide protein LLP and condensed keratin (protein) into damaged porous hair, and makes the coarse cuticle (outer layer of hair) silky and resilient without several treatments. 

Tips for extremely damaged hair

Heat treatment increases the effects so that the protein penetration into damaged hair increases



- After shampooing hair, rinse with lukewarm water.

- Remove moisture suitably from hair.

- Apply the appropriate amount of Keratin Mega Bond on your wet hair from the hair roots and make it absorbed by patting. 

- Wrap hair with cap and leave on for 20 - 30 minutes. Rinse well with lukewarm water.  

Direction for Intensive hair salon care

- Wrap hair with cooking foil.

- Wrap whole hair with plastic wrap.

- Use a heated hair cap for more effective results.

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