EYENLIP Vampire Tint 6ml / 3color

EYENLIP Vampire Tint 6ml / 3color

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Brands Burberry
Product Code: EYENLIP Vampire Tint 6ml / 3color
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Product Description

1. Applies softly and vivid, long lasting high lacquered gloss with bright pigment
and non-sticky but tightly hugs your lips.
2. Applies thin and evenly as soon as it kisses the lip with the moisture instantly.
3. Lip tint that brighten up your face with a single touch.
4. Contrasts a beautiful voluminous lip with color that’s vivid, full of life, crystal clear shimmer.
5. Vampire-tint that displays moist, vivid color immediately as it hugs tightly to your lips.

Color Option
#1 Rose Pink
#2 Cherry Red
#3 Dark Red


How to use
Apply just the right amount to the tip then spread and dab lightly on to the lip starting from the center.

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